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Our Best tips 1x2 on sports betting matches. Several times a day our algorithm collects the newest data for sports and esports matches. Base on the collected data we then calculate predictions for the most probable result of any given match. Our match tips are then based on these calculated predictions, to make sure we can top you off with the best tips 1x2 we can offer.


Directly find the best tips 1x2 by following the link to the match predictions right below:

1x2 match predictions


Best tips 1x2 - money line best betting tips 1x2
Bet your money by taking out best tips 1x2 into consideration.


What is a 1x2 or moneyline match?

1x2 or moneyline odds are the most common types of outcome based bets. A match can basically have three different outcomes. You are betting on one of these outcomes. The different outcomes are:

  • 1 - The first team, team 1 or "home team" wins the match 
  • x - The match ends in a draw
  • 2 - The second, or "away" team wins the match

Now you can probably tell why moneyline matches are often referred to as 1x2 matches.

For our best tips 1x2 we try to calculate the most accurate result for each game.



How are the tips calculated?

In order to calculate our valuebet predictions for a match we, basically as a byproduct, need to calculat our best prediction for the real winning or loosing odds of a given game. To be able to do that, we calculate the most probable winning odd for the game. Since every odd can be translated into a percentage of the likelihood of a given outcome, we can then give an estimate of our prediction of the most probable outcome. We then go a step further to calculate the most profitable value bets on this prediction. But, for our best tips 1x2 we can stop right here. By calculating the most probable odds for a match we also calculated the most probable outcome already.

We simply need to format our prediction into a human readable format and we are done.



Our best tips 1x2 - completely free of charge

The match outcome predictions of our algorithm are completely free of charge. Since these prediction are basically a by product of our valuebet calculation we decided to give away our best tips 1x2 for free. Make sure to check back on any updates of our match tips, since the odds, datapoints and event structures sometimes can change rapidly. We try to update our betting tips very regulary, but, our service is not a real time service, so some lag might occur.